“We have improved our profitability and customer satisfaction since we started with the union. Our projects get completed on schedule, and the end product is top quality. We could not have accomplished as much as we have, in as short of a time, without being a Union Contractor.”
Patrick Duane, President
Superior Mechanical Systems, Inc.

“Without the assistance of the SMWIA Training Programs, We could never keep up with the latest technologies in our industry. With the SMWIA as a partner, we can tell our clients, ‘Yes We can do that.’ Having access to trained personnel from the SMWIA has helped Stromberg open six offices on the East Coast.”
Bob Gawnes, CEO
Stromberg Sheet Metal

“We do not have to negotiate with the health care providers, nor do we have to spend money on lawyers and investment companies to set up a pension plan for our employees. The most important value of this benefit is that we are able to spend more time bidding projects and winning more work.”
John B. Rihl, President
Costa and Rihl Mechanical Contractors

“Being with the Union has made our company. We’ve had no growth constraints and they allow us to get as big or small as we need to with a phone call.”
Rick Heyn, President
Bonner Sheet Metal