Sheet Metal Workers perform the work in both federal and private shipyards. Members maintain and overhaul Navy ships in federal yards located in Norfolk, Virginia; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Bremerton, Washington; and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. We perform the work of our craft in shipyard building, offices, shops, warehouses and yards. Our members are involved in construction, retrofits and maintenance within the federal shipyard facilities that house the various shops, offices and warehouses.

In private shipyards, SMART members do much of the same work with the exception that all newly constructed ships for the U.S. Navy are built in private shipyards. Private shipyards have depended on the Navy for work for the past 30 years, building every class of ship the navy used. Our members have a long and proud tradition of building and maintaining ships for the U.S. Navy and now we will be able to apply our skills to the building of commercial ships.

SMART members have forged a longstanding reputation for the highest quality passenger and freight rail maintenance services and support by maintaining thousands of passengers and freight rail cars of all varieties.  Tens of millions of rail passengers as well as North America’s freight railroads rely on equipment fabricated and maintained by SMART members each year. Commuters, business travelers and long-distance passengers, as well as the organizations that carry them, trust us to ensure their safety and comfort.