Commemorative Time Capsule to Be Opened On 125th Anniversary

On January 27, 1989, our 100th anniversary year reached its final milestone when SMWIA General President Edward J. Carlough and General Secretary-Treasurer Lonnie A.

Bassett dedicated this unique time capsule in Washington, DC. The centennial time capsule was designed by Jim Roth, former president and member of Local 12 in Pittsburgh, PA, and president of james e roth, inc. in Cranberry Township, PA. The time capsule was hand

crafted by Jim and Robert Richard, a Local 12 journeyman.

General President Joe Nigro, in a video announcing our 125th anniversary plans, said that the time capsule would be opened at the next meeting of SMART’s General Executive Council in mid-March. He added afterwards, “It will be interesting to see what was included in the capsule 25 years ago, when you consider all the advancements in technology since then. As was done in 1998, we will add to that collection at the end of this commemorative year.”

Time Capsule Facts

  • The capsule is built of copper, stainless steel, and brass, with fiberglass insulation between the outer and inner shell. Its total weight is approximately 50 lbs.
  • The outer shell is 48 oz. (1/16”) quarter hard copper. The inner liner is 22 ga. stainless steel.
  • The welding was done with the gas tungsten arc welding process (GTAW).
  • The accent strips are stainless steel and yellow brass.
  • The fabrication of the capsule took approximately 120 hours.