Prime Sheet Metal and Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 Receive the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence

On Wednesday January 23rd Signatory Contractor, Prime Sheet Metal INC. received The Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence from The Corbett Administration and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Along with Prime Sheet Metal, Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 was recognized for it’s part in this achievement as well.

The Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence is a very competitive award in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All Pennsylvania employers are eligible for the award and a company can either nominate themselves or be nominated by an outside party. In this case Prime Sheet Metal was nominated by Gundi Hofmann-Abell of Restaurant Programs of America, LLC (RPA) which is Prime’s Insurer.

The ceremony took place at Prime’s shop with owner Dominic Bonitatis, employees/Local 19 Members Kai Sorenson, Bob Fury and Bill Wilson; along with representatives from Local 19 Bryan Bush and Tony Iannucci, SMCA (Contractors Association) and Prime’s insurance company, RPA

The award was presented by Scott Weiant of the PA Department of Labor and Industry on behalf of the Corbett Administration and the Dep. of Labor and Industry. Mr. Weiant spoke about the importance of safety for working Pennsylvanians and how within the Commonwealth on the job injuries have significantly decreased over the years, but there are still roughly 85,000 reported injuries per year. We can all do better and if there were more employers (like Prime and members of SMCA) that see the value in having well trained, safety conscious union employees, partnering with a Union to set skill and safety standards across multiple industries; there would be far less injuries and higher quality of work performed.

This award is a great testament to how important safety and safety training is to Sheet Metal Workers Local 19, it’s members and Signatory Contractors. With regular OSHA 10 & 30 classes, and other training like Crane Signaling & Rigging along with regular on the job safety meetings, Local 19 members are some of the safest, most skilled workers within the construction industry.